Accommodation, meals and excursions

  • $12 per night.
  • $2.00 for breakfast, which includes home-baked maize bread or tortillas, home-produced cheese and eggs,  a range of fruits, home produced coffee and/or herbal teas.
  • $3.50 for lunch - home-raised meat dishes or vegetarian meals, according to your preference.
  • $2.50 - usually a lighter meal such as quinua soup and home-made bread.
  • 1day guided excursions within our 160 acre forest/farm.
  • Excursions to experience the making of natural sugar, sisal (natural rope fibre), milking and cheesemaking, basketmaking and much more can usually be arranged for nothing more than the daily wage of your guide ($15 per day).  Basket-making, led by Alba or Patricia, is usually free - the exception is for large groups where we need to buy, harvest and prepare a large amount of vines. 
  • Overnight/several day excursions into the Serro Negro,  Piñan lakes, and Cotacachi-Cayapas cloudforest wildernesses - approx $30 per person per day, including basic hut accomodation (tents for Piñan), and meals. Cost can reduce or increase somewhat, depending on size of groups, number of mules/guides used, dietary preferences etc.  We also offer the Piñan trek as a 1 day experience, taking in the altiplano, but omitting the lakes and camping.  This is a great choice for those on a budget, as it costs no more than the wage of your guide -  $20 per group.
  • Bottom line:  $20 per day per person for 3 wonderful organic meals, lovely accommodation, and great excursions and activities on our farm.